Rock Breaker for Bobcat S70

AUD $6,999.99 AUD $4,999.99
  • Designed to give you the ultimate in reliabilty and efficiency.
  • Made of high-grade steel and consist of a simple but ingeniuos design with only two moving parts. The cartrifge design without tie rods makes it extremely quiet, allowing operators to work longer hours and compete complete contracts in short time frames.
  • Reliable performance and cost-effective, high-quality tool for all your concrete breaking and stone breaking needs.
  • Ideal for:

    • Breaking driveways and footpaths
    • Breaking rocks in trenches and in post holes
    • Chiselling tiles
    • Demolishing brick walls
    • All kind of demolition work


Used For: Breaking concrete, rocks, brickwork, chiselling tiles, cutting asphalt.

Used By: Mines, Hire Companies, Contractors, Builders, Plumbers, Office Fitters, Demolition Contractors.

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