DEWALT Dewalt 1080 10.8V Green Beam 3X360 Degree Line Laser Kit DCE089D1G-XE

AUD $940.48 AUD $783.74


  • Self levelling 3 x 360¬∞ green cross line laser projects 3 x bright 360¬∞ horizontal and vertical lines (independently or as a cross) up to 50m making it ideal for working in large internal spaces
  • Locking pendulum prevents damage in transit
  • Full time pulse mode allows use with detector
  • Maintains full brightness for visibility and extended working range
  • Durable design with IP65 rated water and debris resistance
  • Battery life indicator
  • Front and rear magnets: for flush attachment to metal work
  • Integrated pivoting base: with 1/4" and 5/8" thread for tripod mounting
  • Class II laser product
  • Accuracy @ 10m +-3mm


  • Includes: laser, target plate, wall / ceiling bracket, laser glasses, 12v battery & charger.Supplied in TSTAK case

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