STUMP GRINDER TEETH - 900 STD Series Angle Pocket

AUD $21.99 AUD $18.99

900 Series Angle Pocket - Angle that bends away from the wheel and can be used on either side of it.

Featuring a unique angled design, the 900 Series Angle Pocket provides enhanced maneuverability and control, enabling precise cuts and grinds with minimal effort. 

The pocket design provides significantly more space between the pocket edge and the cutter tooth, ensuring that the engine's power is fully utilized for cutting the stump, rather than on pocket friction itself.

Unique features :

  • Stronger Pocket 
  • New design that enhances the steel under the bolt head making it sturdy 
  • A slot for quick extraction of the bolt in case of a broken bolt. 
  • Increased surface area - for better distribution of bolt torque into the wheel.

With these features combined the product offers maximum efficiency and productivity during use. Whether you're shaping wood, grinding stumps, or clearing vegetation, this versatile tool delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Length: 57.5 mm
Diameter of teeth: 24.6 mm
Diameter of bolt-10.6 mm


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