Top 6 ways to choose the right gardening tools in Australia

Whether you are a first-time gardener or a professional one, the tools that you choose for carrying out your gardening activities should be efficient ones. Once you have chosen the right tools and types of equipment, gardening can be made easy. Gardening can be made easy by utilizing different gardening tools and equipment that help ensure safety as well as reduce your time and energy when working in a garden. Hence, having enough knowledge in selecting the right tool and equipment is important. Read below to know the top 6 ways to choose the right gardening tools in Australia for your garden.

1. Prioritise quality over its price

The first and foremost tip is to always consider the pricing of gardening tools and equipment you wish to buy. There are certain tools and equipment that are available in a lower price range but there are very high chances that these are uncomfortable to use and easy to break. Thus, always ensure that you prioritize quality over price always as this will help you invest money in much better quality and durable equipment rather than cheap ones that won’t last long. 

2. Choose the best material for the handle

Another important aspect is to choose the material of the handle because the type of material used to manufacturing handles can indeed make a huge difference. It has a direct affect on the weight and durability of the tools. The different types of materials for handles that you can choose from are: 

  • Wood – Wood such as ash is the perfect option as they are usually strong and flexible and tend to last longer.
  • Plastic – The plastic grip is the least preferred type of handle. 
  • Aluminium – Tools made with aluminim handles are the weakest among the materials used for making gardening equipment handles.
  • Carbon fibre – It is a very strong type of material suitable for making the handles. Just like aluminum grips, carbon fibre is also lightweight. 
  • Fibreglass – These are also easy to break just like plastic.
  • Forged steel– Handles made from solid forged steel material are the strongest and also happen to be lightweight and are easy to clean too and last longer.

3. Consider the tools with interchangeable head

Garden equipment and tools that come with separate tool head components are much more versatile tool options in the garden. Gardeners can interchange their heads as desired wherein the head components can either be a garden rake, brush, trowel or fork. Also, interchangeable garden tools are more expensive than the usual ones but the investment is worthy because their quality is usually better.

4. Comfortable to use

Paying a visit to the gardening store and spending some time in checking the product is definitely one of the best ways to ensure that the tool is comfortable to use. It is always a better option to try your tool before making a purchase as it helps you in knowing about the grip of the product better. Always prefer buying gardening tools with padded and ergonomic grips as these help in avoiding aching hands and blisters. 

5. Easy to clean and maintain

One should always consider buying tools that are easy to clean and maintain as this can prolong their life spans thereby making them rust-free, sharp and well-shaped.

6. Product warranty 

It is always good to know if the manufacturer is providing you with a product warranty when choosing gardening equipment and tools for yourself. You can ask them, “How long does the guarantee last, and what does the warranty cover?” This will surely give the gardener a peace of mind and confidence that the product he is considering buying is with every penny. 

In order to choose the right tools and equipment, maybe you don’t have to spend a fortune if done the right way. One should always make sure that they consider the product quality and the type of material that is used for the same. Apart from the quality, yet another factor that should be taken into consideration is ‘How comfortable the tool is when in use’. Rest,not to forget that, it is important to understand that taking care of your gardening tools in Australia can help to make them last longer.