A Guide to buy Best Budget Chainsaw in Australia

Intending to buy the best budget chainsaw in Australia? Well, choosing the right chainsaw can turn out to be a cakewalk if you understand the purpose and application of the different types of saws. Chainsaws are used for cutting, pruning and trimming wood. With the guide below we will help you understand better and make an informed decision on what chainsaw is right as per your project. 

Things to keep in mind when you buy a chainsaw

Take a glimpse at the top things you need to consider when planning to stock on chainsaws for your project. 

Power and weight

If you happen to be inexperienced with using a chainsaw it is always a better idea to pick a lighter version of the saw as these are obviously easier to handle. For all the professional users who work full days in the forest, they are certainly going to appreciate a low weight chainsaw. Besides this, one should also ensure that your new chainsaw is powerful enough for your intended use. Mostly all the specialised dealers will be able to help you get the right size.

Vibrations can cause injuries

If you happen to be a professional then it is important to make sure that the chainsaw has low vibrations in order to lessen the risk of damage to your hands. 

Petrol or battery?

If you happen to be working long hours then using a petrol chainsaw is the best choice for you out in the woods since you won’t have to carry extra batteries around. But if all you do is just the garden work then an electrical chainsaw is an excellent alternative. Using an electric chainsaw is a practical and comfortable alternative since the vibrations are smaller and less noisy and also you don’t need to worry about fumes and emissions.

Checklist when buying a chainsaw

  • Emissions 

As a matter of fact, older chainsaws don’t live up to the emission regulations that are set up by the countries. In order to make sure of this, ensure that your chainsaw follows these regulations, both for your own sake and for the sake of the environment. 

  • Balance

Next, ensure that the chainsaw has a good balance and has a good grab and lies well in your hand. In addition to this, it should be easy for the user to shift grip on the chainsaw without getting out of balance, as this will help you greatly when operating it.

  • Safety

This is indeed one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a chainsaw as safety always comes first. Make sure that the saw has plenty of safety features and also that are well tested too in order to reduce the risk of injuries and always use the right protective equipment when you’re working with the chainsaw always. 

  • Maintenance

In order to save you time, make sure that the air filter and fuel pump are easily accessible, and that it’s easy to tighten the chain

Hoping the above guide is of great help to you in making the right decision while buying the best budget chainsaw in Australia.