Top 7 Features to consider before you Buy Line Trimmer Online in Australia

Line Trimmers are typically used to create a professionally groomed landscape and the one tool that can help you accomplish this is a line trimmer. It is the secret weapon to giving your planting areas and hardscape a polished look. Take a look at the top features you need to consider before you buy a line trimmer online in Australia. 

Top 7 Features to consider before you Buy Line Trimmer Online in Australia

1. Weight

Buy a line trimmer online in Australia that is easy to handle and carry. Make sure that you consider weight as you choose optional attachments. Also, you can’t use a pole pruner attachment if you can’t lift the tool.

2. Good balance

Without having to make constant adjustments, ergonomic models make keeping the line trimmer at the right angle easy. It is the top-mount motors that generally offer the best balance. Look out for trimmers that have adjustable-length shafts or handles so you can customize the size to your height.

3. Noise output

It is the gas-powered trimmers that are always the loudest, corded electric and battery-powered trimmers are quieter. Still, it’s best to use ear protection when running line trimmers.

4. Low vibration

Operating gas-powered trimmers can leave your hands numb due to the intense vibrations these machines produce. You can choose one that is equipped with anti-vibration technology. 

5. Easy feeding and loading

Line trimmers cut via a rapidly whirling string. Research how easy it is to feed and load replacement strings. There are some models that offer free pre-wound string refills for life while there are others that let you load the string yourself while giving you control over how heavy a string you use.

6. Safety features

Standard safety guards should include a shield over the string to prevent debris (rocks, weeds, mulch pieces, etc.) from flying and striking you. 

7. Connection capability

There are few models that feature a universal connector that lets your line trimmer work with attachments from other brands — without voiding the warranty.

The above mentioned are some of the top features to consider before buying a line trimmer online in Australia. Tools Galore is undeniably your one-stop shop for buying Line Trimmer Online in Australia.