8 General Tips for Safe use of Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric Hedge Trimmers help you trim your hedges but are not to forget there are different ways of maintaining them and also appropriate ways of using them. Refer to some of the basic guidelines below before you pick up an electric hedge trimmer for yourself. Following these tips can help you keep you safe thereby making your job much easier.

8 General Tips for Safe use of Electric Hedge Trimmers

1. Evaluate the hedge shape before trimming

Ideally, the hedge shape should slope inwards at the top. This ensures that the base of the hedge has enough growth to support the hedge.

2. Prep up the groundwork before you start

It is advisable to prepare the groundwork before you start. Preparing groundwork signifies laying a tarpaulin on the ground for protection followed by catching the trimmings. Move it along as you proceed with the trimming.

3. Lubricate the trimmer

Generally, trimmers operate by the blades’ in close action similar to somewhat like scissors. That is why it is advisable to lubricate the machine prior to every use. While working with spray oil, make sure to grease the blade from top to bottom on either side of the blade and make sure to have proper safety gear on while doing so.

4. Hold the blade of the trimmer away from you

Make sure you always hold the blade of the trimmer away from you whether the trimmer is off, or you are turning it off. Also, make sure that whenever you are using it, there should never be a situation where you have the blade positioned towards you. Make sure that you place yourself directly behind the trimmer blade as this is the safest position for you to be in.

5. work with a slow, steady movement around the hedge 

It is always recommended to work with a slow, steady movement around the hedge by starting from the bottom of the hedge and working your way up. Never try too hard as this can harm either you or the hedge trimmer. 6. 

6. For trimming the newer growth prefer to go smoothly over the hedge in a straight motion.

If you find the growth to be thicker and older, then you can consider using a sawing action to trim through the branches and thistles. If you need assistance on figuring out where to trim for that perfect, straight hedge, then prefer weaving a string along the branches and leaves, and creating a guideline for yourself on where you need to cut.

7. Clear away hedge trimmings

When your tarpaulin fills up you can drag it to your compost heap and can also bundle it up and place it inside a wheelbarrow for disposal.

8. Trimmer Periodic

Always give your trimmer periodic breaks in between work as this helps to avoid overheating the motor. 

If you too are interested in buying an electric hedge trimmer online, then this guide will be of great help as it allows safe use of an electric hedge trimmer.