Crommelins Air Compressor Petrol 60L AC15RP

AUD $2,206.99 AUD $2,036.99

Petrol powered, outputs 430L/min (15.2CFM), two-cylinder cast iron pump.

The Crommelins air compressor petrol 60L is perfect for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. The model outputs 430L/min (15.2CFM) air displacement and a key feature is the cast iron two-cylinder pump which has stainless steel valves for cool running and greater longevity.

It also features metal guards, metal air filter, and the tyres are puncture proof. Furthermore, the compressor comes with a filter regulator and drain valve.

Powered by a large petrol 6.0hp Robin engine, Crommelins compressors are also available in electric and diesel.

Ideal for workshops, air power tools and spray painting all models are backed with Crommelins one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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