Crommelins Electric Brick Saw 14"

AUD $2,312.31 AUD $2,134.99

Cut with precision with our Brick Saw.

This robust brick saw is designed with the operator in mind including features to ensure ease of use and safe transport.

It will make easy work of cutting your bricks and pavers. Therefore, its perfect for building and construction, hire and rental, contractors and DIY.

This single phase 1700W electric powered brick saw has a cutting blade that is water cooled by attaching a hose to the water fitting. It has a height adjustable spring-loaded cutting head with locking option, a 14-inch blade capacity (350MM) and heavy-duty mitre guide. Also, the foot pedal allows greater control for difficult jobs. Furthermore, it's highly portable with two large never flat wheels, extendable handles for transport, loading and unloading, as well as a detachable stand.

Assembled and tested in Australia, we have a range of diamond blades available for cutting different materials.

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