Golz Floor Saw 18" FS175

AUD $5,009.55 AUD $4,624.99

Compact, robust and comfortable floor saw.

This German designed compact floor saw is made for asphalt and concrete cutting, road repairs and road works, concrete kerbing, slabs, footpaths, re-slabbing and paving. This makes it ideal for building and construction or civil works fields but also contractors and the hire and rental industries.

Also known as a Road Saw, this product has so many great features. The height adjustable anti-vibration handles has a clear focus on operator comfort. The integrated lifting hook, parking break and big rear wheels allows for good chassis clearance while also providing portability and safety. Furthermore, the cutting depth indicator and the cutting depth adjustment by handwheel delivers precision cutting. Plus, many more great qualities.

The Golz Floor Saw 18” (FS125) has a 18” or 450mm blade size and cuts to a depth of 165mm.

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