Golz Tile Saw 250mm TS250

AUD $2,123.65 AUD $1,960.99

Powerful and robust tile saws.

This professional rail tile saw is excellent for cutting precision. It has a durable low maintenance guide rail system that comes standard with a small electric pump located in the water catchment tray. It also has extensions to the tray for cutting large tiles.

This tile saw is compact, water cooled and made of steel and aluminum construction. It has foldable legs and rear wheels for portability. Also, it has a removable water tub and cutting table for easy cleaning.
The Golz Tile Saw 250mm (TS250) can cut to a 65mm depth and 980mm in length and can do a 90° to 45° angle (jolly cutting).

Built for the professional tiler, hire and rental, building and construction as well as DIY. 

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